A Day Off

I really need one of those.

I’m beginning to think that November hasn’t ended.  I still feel like I’m being run ragged with no time to just chill and catch my breath, and I desperately need a day to do that. Several days, actually, but I’ll settle for one. (I’m kind of hoping that it’ll happen on Wednesday, but I’m trying not to get too attached to the idea.)

In addition to some down time, I was hoping that with NaNoWriMo over I could get caught up on other stuff, but not even close.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s only the fifth of the month, but today isn’t shaping up to be too productive either, and tomorrow we’re doing our Thanksgiving dinner because we couldn’t do it last month due to our schedules.

(Our first “Thanksgiving” with the dogs.  Dinner prep should be… interesting. And hazardous.)

Hopefully after dinner I can get caught up on the weekend blog hops, and schedule my snippet posts for the rest of the month, and do some other odds and ends of stuff.

Wednesday I really want to take a break from all things writing related, but I also really want to write and edit, so…


We’ll see what I feel like doing on Wednesday. I’m too tired to plan that far ahead.



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