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On A Roll Again

On Friday, I needed to write 3168 words per day in order to finish on time.

And I laughed because I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

And as of today I need to write 3865 words per day in order to finish on time.

And I know that number will be worse tomorrow.

And I’m still laughing. (Mostly because crying will give me a headache.)

And I’m still writing.

Actually, that’s not quite true.  I’m not still writing – I’m writing again.

What am I writing?

Well, that’s a good question.  It was supposed to be a post apocalyptic dystopian novel but, well… It’s rather light on the dystopian aspects, probably because most of it (so far at least) is set in an intentional community, one that runs counter to all the dystopian stuff.  Right now I’m still setting up the community, although that is changing as I write and make changes in how I’m handling the story.

The cool thing about it, though, is that as I’m creating the community and gathering the people that live in it, words are flowing.  I get to write a bunch of mini stories as I introduce the characters and get them to the community.

The uncool thing, though, is that I don’t really have any sort of cohesive plot for this thing yet.

The other uncool thing is that if I ever intend for this thing to see the light of day as a finished novel it’s going to need about a year’s worth of revision.

But that doesn’t matter. I may never unleash this thing on the public, but writing it is good for me.

Not just for my word count, but because of the sense of hope inherent in the intentional community.  (It doesn’t have a name yet.  Or, rather, it has several names because I can’t decide on one.) And, eventually, there will be some fighting back against the dystopian regime.

At least, that’s the plan.

And I have a scene mapped out in my mind.

That scene should probably come earlier in the book than where it’s probably going to end up but that’s what revisions are for.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep chugging along the way I am and introduce a bunch of people and bring them to the community.  At the very least I’ll have solid back stories on all of the members of the community.

And I’m hoping that their stories keep me going to 50K.


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