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Sunday Snippet November 20, 2016


Eleventh month, eleventh book of The Academy of the Accord series.  (Unedited, of course.  My plans to edit a book a month were um… a little unrealistic.)

This follows directly from last week’s snippet.


Draethlen and Terhesh stayed alert, silently challenging Andrek as Senzu and Azlea stepped forward to stand just behind them, their hoods up to minimize distractions.

“Enough,” Caristen said as he felt the energy building.  “Hoods down.”

“There will be no fighting, magical or otherwise,” Torlew said firmly.

“Everyone, stand down,” Wellhym repeated.

“So he can attack?” Draethlen asked.  “It’s Andrek, Captain.  He was always looking for trouble and now there’s nothing to stop him.”

“He’s not going to attack,” Wellhym said.

“Wel’s right.”  Kordelm’s eyes met Draethlen’s in a quiet challenge, and Draethlen slowly looked away.  “Stand down, Andrek,” Kordelm said softly, feeling the crisis pass.  “You and Ori will be safe. I promise.”


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