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Sunday Snippet November 13, 2016

Eleventh month, eleventh book of The Academy of the Accord series.  (Unedited, of course.  My plans to edit a book a month were um… a little unrealistic.)

This follows directly from last week’s snippet in which Autheren revealed that Andrek had been one of the cadets at the Fortress before he escaped from it.


“Jorsen,” Wellhym said.  “Stand down and see to your wizard.”

Wellhym’s voice cut through Jorsen’s agitation and he reluctantly stepped back, sheathing his sword.  As he turned to Autheren the others moved to close the gap in the line.

Jorsen reached out to Autheren and pulled him close, holding him tightly.  “It’s all right,” he assured him, even though he was shaking almost as much as his wizard.  “You’re safe, Auth.  No one is going to let him hurt you.”

Autheren nodded, trembling in Jorsen’s arms but slowly relaxing, soothed by his Warder’s touch.  “Jors,” he whispered.  “What’s he doing here?”

“I don’t know,” Jorsen replied.  “But I trust my captains.  You are safe.”

Jorsen felt another touch and looked down to find Shander pressed close to them, shaken by the tension from the others.  Jorsen reached out and drew him into the embrace as well, amazed as always by the trust wizards had in Warders.

“Rahm,” Kordelm said.  “See to your wizard.”

Rahmael glanced behind him then slowly stepped back, sliding his sword into its scabbard.  He reached for Shander, smiling as the young apprentice turned to him.  “It’s all right,” he murmured.  “No one is going to get hurt.” 

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