Sunday Snippet November 6, 2016


Eleventh month, eleventh book of The Academy of the Accord series.  (Unedited, of course.  My plans to edit a book a month were um… a little unrealistic.)

This is from roughly halfway through the book, so some back story is probably needed.

Kordelm and Caristen were visiting Caristen’s family for the summer but have returned to the school early, bringing with them one the school’s apprentices (Oriteh) and a former cadet, Andrek.  (Andrek was a bully and caused a lot of trouble for the main cadet characters. He was also a member of a group called Bastion, with a stated mission to rid the world of wizards.  He has, however, turned his back on them and now they are hunting him.)

Caristen and Kordelm are in the town square, waiting while Oriteh and Andrek pick up some school supplies.  They’ve met up with Wellhym and Torlew and filled them in on what has been happening.



The call came from half a dozen voices and all four of them started running.

They found Andrek and Oriteh backed into a corner.  Andrek’s sword was drawn, as were those of the cadets facing them: Draethlen, Jorsen, Rahmael, and Terhesh.  They formed a line between Andrek and their wizards, while Rarian and Calef stood to one side, alert but uncertain.

“Stand down!”  The command came from Wellhym and Kordelm as they stepped between them.  Kordelm took a position next to Andrek, anger flashing in his light brown eyes as he faced the cadets.  His hand rested lightly on the pommel of his sword, a stance that did not go unnoticed by the cadets.


The reply came from Jorsen and Wellhym looked at him, surprised.  The normally relaxed and easy-going cadet was so on edge that Wellhym half expected him to attack Andrek even if meant going through Kordelm.


“He hurt Auth.”  Jorsen’s voice was ragged as he fought for control: warriors never lost control.

“He wouldn’t hurt Auth,” Caristen said calmly.  “He’s a Warder.”

“He was one of the cadets at the Fortress,” Autheren said, his voice shaky. 


(The Fortress — more formally “The Fortress and Tower” is the place that Autheren escaped from in Book 9.)


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7 responses to “Sunday Snippet November 6, 2016

  1. Oh this could turn ugly quickly. I wonder how they’re going to talk Jorsen down.

  2. Interesting dynamics going on here. The world you’ve created feels so very real – great snippet again today.

  3. Karen Michelle Nutt

    I can feel the tension in this scene. Well done.

  4. Great snippet–I’m anxious to see what will happen with Jorsen.

  5. elainecsc2013

    It always goes back to the fortress, doesn’t it? I want to see what happens to the boy myself. Very tense scene,

  6. chellecordero

    Very tense scene, I definitely got the impression that they wouldn’t be able to negotiate Peace easily.

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