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Sunday Snippet October 16, 2016

This is from Book 10 of The Academy of the Accord and it hasn’t seen the editing pen yet.

(By the way, just to avoid confusion, this is from the prologue and is set at a different school (Arcane Academy) not The Academy of the Accord.)

We’re picking up from last week, the last line of which was:

One by one his classmates threw curses at the cadets standing in front of them, sending them to the ground, writhing in pain and gasping for air. 


Rarian stood across from him, his eyes calm, accepting. Calef met his gaze and gave his head a nearly imperceptible shake.  He couldn’t do it.  Wouldn’t do it.

“Calef.”  Master Epans’ voice held a note of smug anticipation.

“I won’t do it.” Calef’s gaze never left Rarian.

“If you don’t you fail the class.”

“Then I fail the class.  Rarian is my friend and I will not use my magic to hurt him or anyone else.” 

There was a calm certainty in his voice but Master Epans sneered.

“Friends.”  He practically spat the word.  “Your friends are your peers, other wizards, people of your own rank.  Not a hired guard that can be replaced by any other thug with a sword.”

“No.” There was a calm certainty in his voice but Calef found he was breathing hard.  Forcing himself to relax he watched Master Epans intently, a silent challenge in his eyes.

Master Epans smiled coldly, then suddenly spun and hurled something unseen at Rarian.



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