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Sunday Snippet October 2, 2016

New month, new book in the Academy of the Accord series.   This is from Book 10 and it hasn’t seen the editing pen yet.

I really struggled with trying to figure out what to post from this book, and finally decided to post from the prologue (at least this week).


Calef sat silently outside the headmaster’s office, waiting to be called in to learn his punishment.  He wasn’t scared; he had used up all of his fear earlier – had used up all of his emotions earlier.

He knew why he was being made to wait, why he had been called here while the headmaster was talking to visiting Masters.  It was so he could have time to reflect on his actions, and, presumably, recognize the error of his ways.

But Calef knew that he would do the same thing again, that no punishment would be worse than following the instructions he had been given.


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