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September Summary, October Goals

September is over already?  Things have been so busy here that doesn’t seem like that long ago that I set up my goals for the month and now here it is, time to look back at how I did (“abysmal” comes to mind) and look forward to the goals for next month.

I finally finished entering the changes to Book 4 of The Academy of the Accord.


That was about it.  I’ve almost but not quite finished this round of revisions and paper edits to Onyx Sun, but… yeah, it still needs a few days of work.  (I normally work on paper edits during down time at work, but we courtesy of a new resident there hasn’t been any down time for a couple weeks.)

I’ve also done pretty good at the thousand words a week, despite the fact that the stress of dealing with the above-mentioned resident for forty hours a week has been totally draining me. Something needs to change by November or I’ll never make 50K for the month.

I haven’t done the “hour a week on some other craft” but, oddly, I haven’t felt the need to do something different.  Maybe I’m just too stressed out from work, or maybe the goal gave me permission to do that and now I don’t need to want to do it.  (That sentence makes sense in my head.)

So, on to October.

I do want to finish the paper edits to Onyx Sun and get the changes entered in Word, and maybe enter the changes to Book Five of The Academy of the Accord, but neither of those is going to be my major focus.

No, my major focus in October is going to be November.

Or, more specifically, putting together detailed outlines of the three potential books for NaNoWriMo.  By mid-month I need to have at least a basic outline for all three so I can decide which one shows the most promise and develop it more completely.  (As a general rule, the more detailed the outline I’m working with the better the writing goes and the more closely I manage to stick to said outline the more smoothly the editing goes.  And right now smooth editing would be a welcome change.)


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