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I would like to announce that finished entering the changes of the first round edits to Book Four of The Academy of the Accord.

Yeah, I really would like to announce that.

Unfortunately, I didn’t, so I can’t.

I did, however, get past the mess with the notes so I think it should be smooth sailing now and I’ll hopefully finish it tomorrow on my day off.

And then I can start on Book Five.

This weekend I discovered that not only do I leave myself worthless notes, I also apparently write scenes and lose them.

I was certain that I had written a small additional scene for Onyx Sun.  I needed to see where I had decided to insert it because there is another part to it that comes later and I thought I had finally figured out where to put it, but when I checked the Word doc I couldn’t find the scene.  It’s just not there.

After I got done crying and beating myself over the head with a loaf of bread, another folder caught my eye, and yep, sure enough! I had written that scene!  But I hadn’t put it into the main Word doc.  Nope.  I made it its own Word doc and had saved it in a folder called “To Get Printed” because apparently I was going to print it and compare it to the full manuscript to decide where to put it.

This doesn’t help the “where to put the second part” problem, but at least I found the scene and haven’t totally lost my mind.

Never mind that there is a “Novel I’m Ignoring” that I know I wrote a whole bunch of stuff for that is just quite simply nowhere.  (Which is probably why it’s in the “Novels I’m Ignoring” folder.)

I’m beginning to think I should get everything printed out and kept as a hard copy.

Maybe when I finish The Academy of the Accord and have twelve empty three ring binders and an empty shelf on my bookshelves…


My current non-writing project is trying to figure out what sort of safe easy-to-find-when-I-need-it place I put my writing bullet journal in.  (Apparently Word docs aren’t the only thing I put away in weird places that make sense at the time but not later.)

You know what the most frustrating thing is? I am totally organized at work. No matter what job I’ve had, I’ve always been extremely organized and “together” at work.  No matter what my desk or work area looked like at any point in time I could lay my hands on whatever I was looking for in thirty seconds or less. For some reason, however, I’ve never been able to carry that organization ability over to my home life.



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