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Sunday Snippet September 18, 2016

Following from last week’s snippet from the totally unedited Book 9 of The Academy of the Accord.


Autheren cried out when Barlen grabbed him and all of the Warders were on their feet.  Brythel and Jorsen, the two closest, pushed themselves between Barlen and Autheren, forcing Barlen to take a few steps backward and release his grip as Rahmael, Draethlen and Terhesh joined them.

Autheren, free of Barlen’s grasp, scrambled to his feet and started for the door, but Jorsen grabbed him, holding him.  “It’s all right,” he assured him.  “You’re safe.”

“No,” Autheren said. “I – I have to go…”  He looked back in terror.  “He’ll make me go back and I can’t… I can’t go back.”  Desperately he broke free of Jorsen’s arms and bolted for the door.  Jorsen cast a quick glance at the others and went after him as the other cadets blocked Barlen from pursuing them.

Then Marsden, Kordelm, Wellhym, Yhonshel, and Radenth reached the table, along with Vinadi, Torlew, and Caristen, all of them blocking Barlen from going after Autheren.  Draethlen glanced at the others and touched Terhesh’s arm and the two of them went to help Jorsen as Rahmael backed the rest of the apprentices away from the scene and stood in front of them, his hand on the hilt of his sword, dark eyes never leaving Barlen’s form.   


(Yes, I know I dumped a bunch of names there, but by this point in the series the readers will be familiar with all of them.)


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