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Sunday Snippet September 11, 2016


More from the totally unedited Book 9 of The Academy of the Accord.

This takes place just after last week’s snippet.  Dinner is over and the students are waiting to be dismissed.

(Earlier in the novel Autheren had expressed his surprise that he wasn’t afraid of Jorsen, a cadet.)


“Autheren, why did you think you should be afraid of me because I’m a cadet?” Jorsen asked as they waited to be dismissed from the dining room.

“Be-because at my old school the cadets… they bullied us.  Called us names, hit us, did… things.” 

“And they were allowed to get away with that?” Jorsen’s voice was incredulous and angry.

“It – it was encouraged.  They were testing us, making sure that we wouldn’t violate the Accord, but…”

“But what?”  Brythel’s voice was so gentle it nearly brought tears to his eyes.

“But none of us can do any kind of magic,” he said, his voice so soft they could barely hear it.  He knew that that would be enough to get him kicked out, but he had to tell someone, had to let someone know what was going on there so they could help.  His heart ached for those he had left behind, and whatever happened to him it would be worth it if only they would get the others to safety.

“What do you mean?  What are they teaching you?”

“They aren’t.  There aren’t any instructors… They all left or… or disappeared.”  He looked up at the others, his eyes haunted.

“Who’s your Headmaster?” Rahmael asked as the students from other tables started pouring out of the room, but before Autheren could answer Barlen grabbed his shoulder.

“You,” he said. “Come with me.”


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