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Sunday Snippet September 4, 2016

New month, new book in The Academy of the Accord series.   This is from Book 9 and it hasn’t seen the editing pen yet.

(I also had a really hard time deciding what to post from this one.)

“Something wrong, Barlen?” Vinadi asked.

“Who’s that student with Draethlen and his lot?”

Vinadi glanced over at them.  “I don’t know.  You were checking them in, weren’t you?”

“Yes, but I don’t remember seeing him,” he frowned.

“I did,” Marsden said.  “He looked lost and confused but I got sidetracked before I could get to him.  Looks like he’s been taken well in hand, though,” he added with a fond smile as he watched the cadets and apprentices that had taken the stranger into their fold.

“His name is Autheren,” Yhonshel said easily.  “I’ll get the rest of his story from Bry later.” 

Yhonshel’s easy off-hand manner only served to irritate Barlen further.  “There was no ‘Autheren’ on my list,” he said as he started to rise.  “He shouldn’t be here.” 

“Oh, but he should,” Yhonshel said and Barlen paused, looking at him. “He’s a wizard.  Bry stepped in to ward him when Culle tripped him for a second time.”

“But he’s not one of our students,” Barlen said.

“Barlen, sit down,” Vinadi said firmly. “We’ll sort it out after we eat.”


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