Wow!  Less than a week left in this month.  Where has it gone?

And, more importantly, will it please go faster? I am so done with the heat and humidity.  I would like cooler temperatures, please, thank you.  And air that you can breathe without the use of gills.  (We’re going back up to 90F this weekend. Ugh. Just… ugh.)

Anyhow, as much as I’m ready for the month to be over, I’m not ready for the month to be over.  There’s still too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it.

And yet, somehow, the things that have to get done will get done.  Maybe not with time to spare, but they’ll get done.

It’s the things that I want to get done that aren’t going to happen.

Part of the problem is that the “ottas” and “gottas” (as in “I oughta do…” and “I gotta do…”) are crowding out the “wannas.”

The “ottas” and “gottas” are also crushing motivation because they pile up so high and so fast that a “what’s the use in trying” mentality sets in.

And then my stubborn streak kicks in and I try anyhow.

And then reality takes hold and agrees with “what’s the use” until the stubborn streak gives it a talking to and a compromise is reached.

(Things get interesting inside my mind…)

And then reality says, “Okay. We can do this and this and maybe these, but not that or those, and why in the hell did you decide to try to do so much stuff anyhow?”

Reality is such a bitch.

And a bossy bitch at that.

Reality can go jump in a lake.

But I am seeing progress the “ottas” and “gottas” and they have a definite deadline so there is an end in sight.

And I’m even seeing spurts of creativity and new ideas.

(Even reality can’t keep a writer down for long.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I want to go join reality in that lake.

Preferably one fed by cold mountain streams.


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