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Birth of a Plot Bunny

So, there I was, minding my own business, reading stuff on FaceBook, when I came across an article about a wand maker in England who had been quoted as saying he wouldn’t sell his wands to Harry Potter fans because they are tools, not toys.

Now, I had read an article about this a week or so ago, but suddenly when I was reading this one something clicked and a plot bunny was born.

Well, maybe only conceived; it’s not a full sized plot bunny yet, just the barest hint of an idea.

How bare of a hint?

Well, I don’t have any characters, nor do I have a setting. Is it modern times? Fantasy world?

What do I have?

One very brief scene. Like ten-seconds-out-of-the-whole-story brief.

Fortunately, it’s not nagging at me too much.  Yet.

But I’ll probably kick it around in my head now and then to see what becomes of it.

Because, you know, I need more projects.



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