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Due To Circumstances Beyond My Control…

Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

I had huge writing goals for this month:

Onyx Sun:
finish the revisions
find a cover artist
write a blurb
format the novel
release it

Academy of the Accord:
finish entering changes to Book 4
enter changes to Book 5
MAYBE edit Book 6 (first round paper edits)
try to get books 1 through 4 (maybe 5) in the concordance

rough draft outlines for two sequels to Song and Sword (and a prequel)
write at least 100 words a day in an existing WiP

I might finish entering the changes to Book 4 of The Academy of the Accord, but nothing else related to that series is going to happen.

And there’s a slim (very slim) chance that I’ll finish the paper version of the revisions to Onyx Sun, although I’m not entirely certain that I’ll get them entered into Word, so no way is it coming out this month.  I think I’ll shoot for October; September would be awesome, but it’s unlikely. (Current situation isn’t going to resolve until midway through next month.)  I do have a few versions of a blurb for it, though, so I might settle on one before the month is out.

I have been doing the hundred words a day, so there is that at least.

Anyhow, the tl;dr version: it’s over halfway through the month, and over half of my goals for August are not going to be reached.

The things that I want/need to do for my personal goals keep getting pushed to the back burner.  Or rather, I feel guilty for taking “me” time so I’m sort of sneaking it in on breaks from the cleaning and decluttering chores.  The reason for the delay is a positive one, but frustrating nonetheless, and I am increasingly feeling like I don’t have any time for the stuff I want to do.

On the other hand, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s dim and flickering, but I do catch a glimpse of it now and then.




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