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Sunday Snippet August 14, 2016

Posting from Book 8 of The Academy of the Accord series this month.  Terhesh is a Wyverian, a race that looks rather like a human/dragon hybrid: they have wings, a tail, scales instead of skin, and talons on their toes.  He is roughly fifteen years old.

Picking up from last week.  Radenth has collapsed and Terhesh is trying to get him back on his feet.


“Halt!  Who enters?” 

Terhesh looked up at the sound of the voice, hope flaring.  Someone was coming.  Help was coming.

Four cadets approached, each resting a hand on his sword, and for a moment he felt a surge of fear, but Captain Radenth had said that this would be a safe place, that it would not be like Arcane Academy.

“Please,” he said, “He has been ill.  He needs a Healer.”

“Great.  Another freak,” one muttered and the other three stepped away from him, surrounding Terhesh and Radenth, and Terhesh tensed.

“What’s it got?”

“A human warrior,” another replied. 

“What did you do to him, freak?”

“Nothing.  Please. I told you.  He has been ill.  He needs a Healer.”  Slowly Terhesh rose, his eyes flaring, his wings half extended.

“Yeah?  Well, there’s an Apothecary in the village.  This is a school for wizards and warriors.”

“I know,” Terhesh replied struggling to stay calm.  “Captain Radenth said we should come here.”

“There’s no Captain Radenth at this school,” one said.  “So I suggest you go back where you came from.”

“He needs a Healer,” Terhesh repeated.  “Please.  If you will not believe me, look at him. Help him.  Or talk to your own Captains and Commander.  Captain Radenth wrote to them.”

“We don’t need to check with them to get rid of trash,” one sneered.  He stepped forward, drawing his sword and the others followed suit.  Terhesh responded by drawing his own, dropping into a defensive stance, even knowing that he could not prevail against the four of them.


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