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When Will I Ever Learn?

Okay, so yesterday I was chugging along entering changes into Word from the first round paper edits of Book Four of The Academy of the Accord.  I had 22 pages left to go, when I found this green sticky note:

See “rest of note” and combine

Um, sure.  What rest of note?

Oh, wait. There’s another green sticky note flagging a page later on.  Maybe…?

Yep.  It says:

rest of note


What made me think that leaving it like that instead of having it all neatly ready to type up would be a good idea?

So, instead of possibly finishing entering the edits before work, I ground to a halt to try to figure out what I was planning to do with the note.

Seriously, self.  Why?

Anyhow, I took the offending pages to work with me to see if I could sort out the mess on my break and, nope. For the life of me I still can’t figure out what I meant for me to do there.

So it’s looking like both “notes” are getting redone entirely.  (Their purpose is to implicate someone in a plot, hint at a larger plot, and tie into the overarching plot of the series.)

It’s also looking like Book 4 is going to need another going over before it goes to a beta reader. I’ve noticed several places where I need to show instead of tell. Why I didn’t catch them in the paper edit is beyond me, although I think it might be attributable to fatigue.  The places that are more telling than showing are later on in the manuscript, when I was tired writing it and even more tired editing it.

So I think when I finish entering the changes I’ll go through and write the scenes that I glossed over before calling it ready for beta.

Meanwhile, the release of the series seems to be getting farther and farther away.

And Onyx Sun is glaring at me because it feels ignored.

And I still can’t leave myself notes that will make sense when I read them.





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