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Not An Addiction

Okay, so in Friday’s post I may have vaguely hinted at the remote possibility that I might, just maybe, be just a teensy tiny bit of an office supply addict.

Now it’s time to come clean.

Yes, I am an office supply addict.

I have a set of bookshelves with three shelves dedicated to them, and they still spill over into a couple piles on the floor and a box or two. (Or three or four.) Oh, and two sets of these drawers holding spiral bound notebooks.

drawers for blog post

I have two photo storage boxes full of sticky notes in a variety of sizes and colors (and more scattered in various other places), and tons of 8 1/2 x 11 scrap paper that is printed on one side, a variety of three ring binders, and a huge collection of journals and notebooks in just about every size imaginable and probably a few sizes that aren’t. (And let’s not discuss my sharpies and highlighters, okay?) Oh, and colored paper clips. And manila folders and all kind of dividers for the three ring binders and more hanging folders than any one person has any need for no matter how many lifetimes they plan on living and…

And I console myself with the thought that I’m pretty sure that most writers are in similar boats.

And so far I have managed to avoid the back to school specials, but Friday is payday so…

Anyhow, you may also be aware that I’ve become rather enamored of traveler’s notebooks lately.

As in hopelessly addicted.

I now own:

two standard size (one leather and one fabric)
one passport size
one B6 size (meaning the inserts are B6 paper size, roughly 5×7)
four field notes size

The really neat part of all of this is that I have discovered that I have journal type notebooks that work as inserts for field note size and the B6, and a bunch of mini composition books that work for the passport size.

See? My notebook stash is useful!

Yep!  Definitely time to hit the back to school sales!

After all, it’s not an addiction if it’s useful, right?




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