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Sunday Snippet August 7, 2016

Moving on to Book 8 of The Academy of the Accord this month.  Terhesh is a Wyverian, a race that looks rather like a human/dragon hybrid: they have wings, a tail, scales instead of skin, and talons on their toes.  He is roughly fifteen years old.

I haven’t gotten to this book in the first round editing process yet so just pretend.


Terhesh had never thought that he would be so glad to see walls, but the ones that rose before him promised help for the man with him, the man that he was more than half-carrying. 

“Look, Captain,” he said gently.  “We are here.  You will be all right now.”

Radenth summoned his remaining strength and raised his head. “Yes,” he said as they passed through the gate.  “You will be all right.  You will be safe here.”

“Where do we go?” Terhesh asked.  A large castle sat ahead of him and to his left, up a steep slope.  Sprawled downhill to his right, barely visible through the sleet and freezing rain, was a series of long low buildings that he thought might be the barracks.

“The castle.”  Radenth’s voice was faint as he slid from Terhesh’s grasp and fell to his knees.  “Go… to the… castle…”

“Captain Radenth?”

“Go… Safe…”  Radenth’s voice was fading as he slumped to the soggy ground.

“Captain?”  Terhesh knelt and lifted the man against him but Radenth gave no response.  “No!”  The word was a howl of pain and loss and despair as he pulled his captain to his knees, struggling desperately to get him to his feet, sobbing in frustration.




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