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Sunday Snippet July 31, 2016


Posting from Book 7 of The Academy of the Accord this month.  Things are a bit tricky since some of this book runs concurrently with the end of Book 5 (and the start of Book 6) but focuses on a different student: Brythel.  Like Yhonshel, Bry is a Tuanae, both wizard and Warder, and Yhonshel is his mentor and partner – they share a bond like that of a bonded wizard and Warder pair.

This hasn’t been edited yet so just pretend it’s good, okay?

Brythel (age 14 or 15 – I need to get a timeline together) went home for winter break. Unfortunately, his father caught him playing his lute (not a “manly” enough activity to suit him) and beat him severely. Brythel is trying to get home to the academy.

Picking up from last week with Brythel collapsed in a cold wet heap on the floor of the bathhouse.

Picking up a few paragraphs from last week.  Wellhym and Kordelm have taken Brythel to the infirmary. (Valya is one of the healers.)  Wellhym speaks first.


“I’m going to get Yhon.  He should know.”

“Yhon should know what? That Bry is back? I already know that – I felt him come through the wards on the doors.  But not through the ones on the gate,” Yhonshel added, frowning.

Wellhym stepped forward to meet him and wrapped his arms around him, holding him, blocking his view.

“What’s wrong?” Yhonshel’s voice was a gentle demand for answers.

“Bry’s been beaten.  His stepfather.”

Anger flared in the eyes that met his and Wellhym shuddered as he felt the Tuanae’s muscles tighten; it was rare to see Yhonshel angry, and he would not want to be the man who had injured Brythel.

“I need to go to him.”

For a moment Wellhym wasn’t sure if he meant Brythel or his stepfather, but the anguish in the murky green eyes answered his question and he stepped aside, staying next to him as he joined the others at the table.

“Bry…”  Yhonshel’s voice was choked but he drew a deep breath and calmed himself, reaching out to stroke his soaking wet hair.

Brythel immediately calmed, his body relaxing, and Valya smiled.  “That will make healing go a lot faster,” she said.  “Stay with him.”

“Do you need extra power?” Yhonshel asked.

“Your touch will do more than your magic or your grounding will.”

Yhonshel raised his head as if listening. “Draethlen just came into the castle.”

“Probably coming to check on Bry.  He’s the one that found him,” Wellhym said.

“I’m not here,” Yhonshel said, and disappeared into an invisibility spell.

“Yhon?”  Kordelm looked from where he had been to Wellhym and then the wizards, looking for an answer, but they were as bewildered as he was.

“I’ll explain later,” Yhonshel said.  “Nothing against Draethlen, just protecting Bry.” 

“That didn’t exactly clear anything up,” Torlew muttered and was rewarded with an invisible slap on the back of the head.

“I can still hear you.”

Valya chuckled at their banter, their humor relaxing and soothing her – and her patient as well, although he was only half aware of his surroundings.

“Someone want to sleep him?” she asked. “He’ll heal faster that way.”

“Done,” Yhonshel said softly just as the infirmary door opened.


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