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Camp Update July 29 2016

What a wild week, writing wise.

When I wrote Monday’s blog post I was 7440 words below par for that day. I am now 1027 words above par for today and am only 2199 words away from 50K. I want to write more tonight (since I probably won’t get much time to write before work today) but I’m falling asleep in my chair and will probably go to bed as soon as I get this posted which is probably going to be around 3:30am.

I finished the minotaur story.  It’s nowhere near novel length, and it seems to want to be part of the SeaWitch universe, but we’ll see. I’ve put it into the “Novels I’m Ignoring” folder (yes, that is its actual name) and will pull it out to revisit it after I finish SeaWitch (which won’t be for quite a while yet, considering that I have (what I hope are) final revisions to Onyx Sun to finish, and the first round editing and revising of the twelve books of The Academy of the Accord series to do (and a concordance/story bible to make for it) and a sequel (or two) to Song and Sword to plot and write. Oh, and a prequel for it too. And more stories in the Onyx Sun universe and a sequel to Sanguine and… *sigh*)

And I still haven’t won that lottery.

So, anyhow, the minotaur story left me 6422 words short of 50K, and still not enough time to look through other WiPs to find something to work on so I started yet another novel.  Much like the minotaur story I had nothing to go on except the opening scene (and in this case a vague world premise as well), so I’m pantsing again, just like I did the minotaur story.  This one is quite a bit more angsty at the moment but I’m still having fun with it. (Well, aside from the fact that none of the characters have names, and neither does anything else.) I might keep this one active to poke at until November.

Or not.  I’m kind of looking forward to a break from writing to work on other crafts.

I’ll still be thinking about writing, but it will be nice to have some balance.



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