Forward and Backward

In the Good News Department, I think I am finished with stuff that needs to be added into books.  (Well, except for an odd epilogue or two.)

Onyx Sun got two additional scenes and a new ending.  It’s printed, and waiting for me to do another edit and figure out where those two scenes are going to go, and how to slip the new ending into place.

The Academy of the Accord got a new scene for Book One. (It was supposed to be about seasickness, but somehow ended up involving pirates. Don’t ask.) I now have to figure out how to get it to tie into Book Twelve, which mentions Vinadi curing someone’s seasickness and Vinadi saying, “It was a minor thing.”  The pirates have made it not such a minor thing now and that kind of messes up that whole conversation in Book Twelve.  Ah, well, I’m sure there will be other changes by the time I get that far.

Also in The Academy of the Accord news, Book Nine’s ending has been written, and Books Six and Seven have been printed.  Slowly but surely it’s coming together.

In the Not So Good News Department, I am 7455 words below par for Camp.  Of course, by the time I do my 750words I’ll be around 6700 words below par, which is better off than I was when I started yesterday, so I am gaining ground.

Slowly, perhaps.  Taking three steps forward and two steps back.

But that’s better than two steps forward and three steps back.





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