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Car vs Word Count

So much for not falling too far behind on word count over the weekend.  As of this writing I am exactly 8000 words below par and need to write 2070 words per day to finish on time.

What happened? you ask.

Well, it’s a long story…

Friday morning, my roommate and I left the house about 10:30 and except for a quick stop to change clothes didn’t get home until about 1:30 Saturday morning.

While we were at lunch Sue got a call from work asking if she could come in early because the daylight charge nurse’s mother was in the hospital with frighteningly low blood counts. She said yes but she couldn’t be there until 2:00. (Meanwhile there were three other RNs in the building but they were all administration and, oh, no, they couldn’t be charge for 4 hours or so!)

We’d dropped my car off at the garage for its inspection Thursday night (it passed!) and there was no way we could get out there in time to get it so I had to go in early too.

(Which turned out to be a good thing, so read on.)

Meanwhile the guy doing the inspection called because he couldn’t find my insurance info or current registration.  The insurance info was in the envelope with the key (verified that they had it) but the registration was another story.  I had pulled an envelope out of my glove box with all kinds of old papers in it and I thought maybe I’d accidentally thrown it away.

So anyhow, since I had an hour to kill before I could clock in, I walked down to the Notary Express for a new registration card. It would be $16 but they only take cash or checks, neither of which I had on me, so I walked to the bank and took out $60 (which is the “fast cash” at that bank) and was charged an extra $3 because it’s not my bank, and an extra $2.50 from my bank for using a different bank. (Mine doesn’t have a branch in town.)

Back to the Notary Express.  She asked to verify my address and I said that the P.O. Box wasn’t in use anymore and she said, “Great! I’ll enter this as a change of address and get you a new card for $5.”

But for some reason it wouldn’t print.  She finally figured out that it wouldn’t print because my registration had expired (I got nothing from PennDoT about it being due).  She could renew it (we’re now at $46.00) but needed my insurance information which was with my car in another town.

So I called the insurance company, waded through seven thousand some prompts of pressing this, that, and the other, and finally got the documents faxed to her.  She faxed them and the new registration to the garage, I verified that they had it and I went to work.

Got a call from the garage.  They needed my insurance and registration. I told them that it had been faxed and they had it. Nope. Needed it.  Refaxed it from work.  Didn’t come through right.  Faxed it again.

Finally!  All’s clear to get my car after work.

Except… Sue had to work late because she was the charge nurse, had two admissions, and two residents fell and one of them had to be sent out to the hospital.

So, it was almost 1:00 before we got out of there. We picked up my car and came home and I gave the boys (my rats) their treats, fed them, refilled their water bottles, and went to bed.

Not one word written on Friday.

Nothing written Saturday either, trying to keep up with blog hops.

Managed to get about 912 words written on Sunday before work by ignoring the blog hops and doing them when I got home from work.  Probably would have gotten more written but got bogged down wondering if the abdominal aorta could be sliced open by a sword.  (Probably not – it would take a stab not a slash – so I’m going to have to fix the fight scene a little.)

On a brighter note, the fight scene and most of the aftermath is done.  Just need a couple more scenes and I can leave this book (Book 9 of The Academy of the Accord) alone for a few months until I get to edit it and sort out the issue of who is doing what where when.

Anyhow, once this is finished I have one short scene to write for Book 1 and then it’s all editing. Mostly.

I’m hoping to finish both before and/or after work today so I can get everything printed on Tuesday, but I might have to make a trip to the garage when I wake up. I think they still have the extra key to my car… (And that’s a half hour I haven’t budgeted for…)




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