Sunday Snippet July 17, 2016

Posting from Book 7 of The Academy of the Accord this month.  Things are a bit tricky since some of this book runs concurrently with the end of Book 5 (and the start of Book 6) but focuses on a different student: Brythel.  Like Yhonshel, Bry is a Tuanae, both wizard and Warder, and Yhonshel is his mentor and partner – they share a bond like that of a bonded wizard and Warder pair.

This hasn’t been edited yet so just pretend it’s good, okay?

Brythel (age 14 or 15 – I need to get a timeline together) went home for winter break. Unfortunately, his father caught him playing his lute (not a “manly” enough activity to suit him) and beat him severely. Brythel is trying to get home to the academy.

Picking up from last week, Brythel has made it to the school’s grounds.


He drew a deep breath and coughed, nearly gagging at the taste of blood in his mouth, but ignoring it as he stared around him, getting his bearings on the campus that he knew and loved. 

The castle was up the hill ahead of him; it looked dark and foreboding but he knew it would be full of warmth and love and… And the hill seemed impossibly steep and he dropped to his knees with a sob, turning his gaze to the tower that he knew held Yhonshel’s rooms.

He blinked and shook his head, rubbing his eyes.  It looked like there were lights on there and he struggled to his feet.  Yhonshel would help him.  And even if he couldn’t, he would give anything to feel his arms one more time…

He stumbled onward, blinded by the wind that drove sleet and freezing rain into his face, barely feeling the icy needles that struck his skin.  He was so close.

And so cold.

He raised his eyes to the tower again – it didn’t seem to be any closer and despair gripped him.  He would never make it up the hill to the castle.  He wasn’t even sure he could make it around the hill to the orchard.

A dark shape loomed to his left.  The bathhouse.  He stumbled toward it; it was always warm and he could rest for a bit until he was warmer and strong enough to make it to the orchard…

A wall of heat and humidity met him as he stumbled through the outer rooms and into the room with the pool of hot water, where he collapsed against the wall, clutching the lute. 

He would just rest here, just for a little while…


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10 responses to “Sunday Snippet July 17, 2016

  1. chellecordero

    Very well written, you can really feel his desperation and hopelessness

  2. I feel how he’s so darn tired he can’t continue. At least he’ll be warm now.

  3. You do a great job of making us feel his despair, and I can certainly see why they love the academy so much. Great snippet!

  4. Oh dear, I’m so worried about him. This is really effective writing! Excellent excerpt.

  5. Poor guy. I hope he makes it back safely and that someone kicks his dad’s ass. Great snippet. :) :) :)

  6. So emotional. I felt so bad for him. Great writing.

  7. I am seriously holding my breath with the snippets of Book 7. Seriously, every single snippet. Like, crap! These are amazing, P.T.. I really don’t think him falling asleep right now is going to be such a good idea though, even if he’s somewhere warm at the moment. I really hope someone finds him soon!

  8. Oh, what a struggle. I can really feel the emotional drain on him that the physical strain depicts.

  9. oh wow … so well written … please dont rest …. keep going … just keep going

  10. Poor kid. Feel so bad for him.

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