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Camp Update July 15 2016

I am 4073 words below par.  I was down to 2460 but midnight happened.  Midnight is going to be happening a lot this week.

Let’s see.

Thursday after work I dropped my car off at the garage for its inspection.  I have no idea what time they’ll do it today, but until I hear from them I’m going to be worried about how much is wrong and how much it’ll cost to make it right.

Anyhow, I’m meeting a friend for lunch today and then home for a bit and then to work. Not much time to write until I get home after work and how much I get done then depends on how tired I am.

Plus I have no idea when or how I’ll be getting my car back, but I definitely need it by Saturday.

And speaking of Saturday, that’s when the blog hops start.

So, yeah, good luck staying within 5000 words of par!  There isn’t enough caffeine in the world.

But on a brighter note, I finished the first draft of Book Six of The Academy of the Accord and have it loaded onto my thumb drive so I can get it printed.  It still needs an epilogue but that’s going to wait until I’m doing the first round of edits and revisions because it needs to reflect back on stuff from the beginning of the book and I changed things a lot as I went, so…

My current project for Camp NaNoWriMo is to write the fight scene that is the finale of Book Ten because I kind of abandoned the book when I got confused with who was where doing what.  I was hoping to have it done so I could get it printed too but that’s not going to happen. At least, not for today.  But then, if I don’t have my car back before I have to leave for lunch nothing will get printed anyhow, and I’ll be making another trip down there on Tuesday.

Next up will be a scene I need to write for Book One, mostly because I need it for a scene in Book Twelve that refers to the incident and I think it would kind of be cheating to have it mentioned but never actually shown.

So, two more scenes for The Academy of the Accord and I think I can count it as done, at least as far as the first drafts are concerned.

And after that? I don’t know yet.  I just want to get through my work week with what’s left of my sanity intact.





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