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Camp Update July 11, 2016

I wrote myself into a corner yesterday before work, but figured out how to get out of it while in the bathtub this morning.  (Wizards can be really hard on plot lines.)

So, anyhow, now I’m really eager to get back to it.  (Amazing what a little inspiration can do, isn’t it?)

So, here’s a quick camp update before I get back to the writing tent.

As of this moment I have 11,173 words written.  Par for today is 17,741 which means I am 6568 words behind where I should be.  I’m obviously not going to get caught up today (I have to leave for the Evil Day Job in a couple hours) but I should get to at least 12K before then.

I hope.

I mean, I really hope.

Because par for tomorrow is 19,394 and that sounds like a whole lot of words away.

Not taking the first day of Camp off really hurt me, I think, but on a brighter note, the main event in November starts on a Tuesday, and Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off from work.

When I was writing Friday’s blog post I was 6222 words behind, so at least I haven’t lost too much ground.  And I haven’t written anything yet today so I might even actually be a little bit ahead of that by the time I leave for work.

I could (I suppose) do some writing at work in odds and ends of downtime, but I’ve been using that time to play with my traveler’s notebooks. By the start of August I want to have a couple tracking systems in place, one for word count and one to track where I am with each individual project. (Or at least, each individual current project. Stuff that is sitting on the back burner probably won’t be added into it.  Or maybe they will.  Depending on how many pages I have in the tracker I might put a couple of m favorite back burner projects in there too.  We’ll see.)

I’m off tomorrow, and in addition to cleaning the rat cage (my usual Tuesday morning project) and writing, I need to do some serious bedroom cleaning.  I’d also like to make some more inserts for my traveler’s notebooks – just practice ones to work out trackers and the like.

But that’s tomorrow.  For today, I have a corner to write my way out of, and characters to torture in the process.



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