Sunday Snippet July 10, 2016

Posting from Book 7 of The Academy of the Accord this month.  Things are a bit tricky since some of this book runs concurrently with the end of Book 5 (and the start of Book 6) but focuses on a different student: Brythel.  Like Yhonshel, Bry is a Tuanae, both wizard and Warder, and Yhonshel is his mentor and partner – they share a bond like that of a bonded wizard and Warder pair.

This hasn’t been edited yet so just pretend it’s good, okay?

Brythel (age 14 or 15 – I need to get a timeline together) went home for winter break. Unfortunately, his father caught him playing his lute (not a “manly” enough activity to suit him) and beat him severely. Brythel is trying to get home to the academy.

Picking up a few paragraphs from last week’s snippet, with a badly beaten Brythel trying to get home to the school.


Cold water jolted his eyes open and he floundered, his numb fingers nearly losing their grip on the broken lute and he sputtered, floundering in the icy stream, the sharp edges of the ice he had fallen through slicing his torso. 

He was in a pool in a stream, the water black against the ice that covered most of it.  Dark skeletons of trees rose on both banks, but beyond them a stone wall marked a well known boundary and he sobbed in relief as he pushed through the water, breaking through the ice on the far side and clambering clumsily up the bank. 

The wall was the dike that protected the grounds from spring flooding. 

He had made it.

It took him several tries to make it over the low wall, hindered by wet clothes, his lute, and muscles that were as numb as his mind, but finally he slithered across the top of the rocks and fell down the other side with a sob of relief. He was on the grounds.  Now all he had to do was make it to the orchard…

But he was so cold…


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12 responses to “Sunday Snippet July 10, 2016

  1. chellecordero

    Well I needed this snippet to beat the heat and it did the job. Seriously, terrific descriptions really brought me right into the ice cold stream with him. Really great.

  2. oh no … he needs to keep going. can’t wait for next week’s snippet.

  3. Gem

    I want him to make it, but I could feel the cold dragging him down. Powerful imagery!

  4. I feel so sorry for this character and I admire his determination The writing is vivid and I feel like I’m there in the cold with him. Excellent excerpt.

  5. Fantastic imagery. Hope he gets up and starts moving. He’s cold and lying down can’t be good.

  6. My teeth want to chatter just hearing about his misery. I hope he makes it before he freezes to death.

  7. elainecsc2013

    Oh, that’s brutal. I feel so sorry for him.

  8. Don’t give up! Don’t you dare give up when you’ve made it this far, Bry! Or I’ll break my way through the fourth wall and drag you to the orchard myself. LOL! Love the descriptions, as well! (As if I wasn’t cold enough before reading this, though.)

  9. Brrrr. I’m shivering just reading this! :-)

  10. He thinks he’s ‘made it’? He has a strange idea of success!

  11. I really felt the cold even though it’s so hot in here right now.

  12. Well he made it! Now to heat him up…that last line made me cold.

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