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Word Count Woes

I am 6222 words below par on word count for Camp.  Pretty sure I’m not going to get caught up before work and am equally as sure that I’ll be even further behind by the time I’m writing Monday’s post.

But on the other hand, while I may be behind on word count, I am making progress.  I finished the additional scene I was working on for Onyx Sun and wrote a new ending for the book.  I also consolidated the two extra scenes, the new ending, and a couple pages of beta reader notes into one Word file which is now on my thumb drive so I can get it printed next Friday when I’m where Office Max is.

And Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord will definitely get finished this month.  (Barring something drastic happening.) I’ve finally managed to pull off the kidnapping I’ve been struggling with for a couple months and my outline is actually looking useful again. Things are moving faster now, charging toward the climax and those magical words: “The End.”  With any luck I can get it printed next week too, along with Book 7 which has been sitting on the thumb drive for months, waiting patiently.

Finishing Book 6 is not going to get me anywhere near 50,000 words, though.  I’ll be lucky to hit 20K with it, which is going to leave me with 30K to use for something else.

But what to write?

I do need to write a final fight scene for Book 9. I kind of abandoned the ending of that book because I was getting confused as to who was where, and I’m pretty sure that I have several people in two different places at the same time.  (Oops!)  So, I think when I finish Book 6 I’ll write the final fight scene and wrap up of Book 9, then when I get to the editing portion I can fix the mess that I made of the rescue.

But that fight scene and wrap up shouldn’t be much more than 5000 words, leaving me stranded halfway to my word count goal, and not sure where to go next.  Hedge House is a possibility, or Book 2 of The Other Mages because I really would like to finish that trilogy some year.

Or maybe I’ll just write all my WiPs on little pieces of paper and draw one out of a hat.  That sounds like a good plan except for one thing:

I don’t have a big enough hat.


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