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Sew On and So Forth

I now have a sewing machine, because apparently “I got about four hours of sleep last night” translates to “Sure, Mom! I’d love to drive up to your place and go look at a sewing machine that I know nothing about.”

Anyhow, its price was right (free) and we were told it runs.  I need to oil it good and the inside probably needs cleaned – I know the outside does. (The machine survived a house fire, thus its name: Fawkes.)

And I did have a good time.  Mom fed me lunch and her dog didn’t bite me, so  I’ll count it as a successful day.

So anyhow, I haven’t used it yet.  I’ll be getting some sewing machine oil later today and gritting my teeth and attacking it on Tuesday when I’m off. (Just letting you know in advance so you aren’t overly worried when you hear a string of curse words floating out of Western Pennsylvania.)

In other happy news, Song and Sword got an awesome review on Amazon. (I should probably put the reviews on the book’s page here.  *Adds it to my ever growing list of things to do.*)

And in more happy news, out of nowhere I came up with a solution to a bit of a plot hole in the outline to Song and Stone.  (Really out of nowhere. I wasn’t even thinking about the book.)

And in scary news, it’s only two weeks until Camp!

(Actually, me owning a sewing machine is relatively scary too.)



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