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Pressure Points

Pressure is a strange thing. Too much and something can explode.  (Or implode, depending on which direction the pressure is coming from.) But in the proper amount, pressure can be useful.  It can propel things forward, for instance.

Things like writing.

As you’re probably aware I recently backed out of a couple projects I was taking on.  The pressure from them was too much and I was imploding.  I was motionless, unable to move forward.  I felt (and was) stuck.

Since dropping them, I have been feeling much more creative. Ideas are flowing and excitement is building.

I am, however, someone who needs at least some sort of pressure in order to actually get things done instead of just create inside my head.  That’s why NaNoWriMo is such a great thing for me. (And I am including the Camp sessions in that.)

The goal.  The deadline.  The fact that hundred of thousands of other people are doing it too…

Yeah, just enough pressure.

The problem then becomes how to have “just enough pressure” the other nine months of the year.  I need a goal and a deadline and some sort of accountability.  A goal and a deadline are easy, but the accountability?  Not so much.

I’m going to set up some sort of tracker in my bullet journal, but I’m not quite sure of the final design yet.

(What I really want is the NaNoWriMo graph available all year long that I can plug my monthly word count goal into and have it tell me how much I need to write each day to meet it, etc.  I love that thing – it really helps me stay motivated.)

So now I’m asking:

What keeps you motivated on long term projects? (Not necessarily writing, but anything that doesn’t produce instant results, be it a large embroidery or cross stitch project, a creative endeavor of any sort, saving money for something far in the future, losing weight, getting rid of clutter, whatever.)

What do you do to keep just enough pressure to keep you moving?




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