Sunday Snippet June 5, 2016


Posting from Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord this month.  Things are a bit tricky since some of this book runs concurrently with Book 5 (and with Book 7) but focuses on a different pair of students: Rahmael, a ten year old first year cadet and a natural Warder, and Shander, a five year old apprentice wizard.  The two of them have “found” each other and share the special bond that goes along with it.

In this scene  Rahmael has stayed at the school for winter break and he, Shander, and others are at the Winter Festival in the village.  There is a merchant caravan in town – the last one until spring.

(This is still a WiP and hasn’t seen an editing pen yet so just ignore the awkward sections and pretend it’s all nicely polished. Okay?)


A man stared at them as they approached a wagon, and Shander moved closer to Rahmael, unnerved by his gaze.

“May I help you?” Rahmael asked, stepping slightly in front of his wizard.

The look of annoyance on the man’s face was so brief that Rahmael would have thought he had imagined it if not for the increased feeling of danger that tingled through his body.

The man ignored him, looking past him at Shander.

“What’s your name, boy?”

Shander looked up at Rahmael, uncertain.

“His name is Shander and mine is Rahmael.  He’s an apprentice wizard at The Academy of the Accord and I am his Warder.”  Rahmael’s hand rested on the hilt of his sword, his gaze locked on the man in front of them.

The man stared at Rahmael for a moment, then shifted his gaze back to Shander. 

“Shander,” he murmured. “It can’t be.”  He dropped to one knee so he could look into the apprentice’s eyes. “My son.”  His voice choked and he reached for him, but Shander took a step back and Rahmael stepped between them.

(I should probably have mentioned that Shander came from an orphanage.)



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16 responses to “Sunday Snippet June 5, 2016

  1. Interesting snippet. Is this man really his father? I’m curious to know.

  2. chellecordero

    A lot of interesting possibilities – the first question of course is IS HE really the father? Second question, why is he looking for his son NOW? …for love or for leverage. Very intriguing.

  3. Intriguing development. I like the way Rahmael is protecting Shander. This new guy seems ominous to me! Excellent excerpt.

  4. elainecsc2013

    That came out of nowhere. Great twist.

  5. nice twist in the story … intriguing …. well done

  6. nice twist in the story … intriguing …. well done

  7. I’m not sure the father is to be trusted.

  8. Well now that I didn’t see coming! I think Rahmael better trust his gut with the sense of danger, this guy gives me a bad feeling. It also raises a lot of questions though. Like, is he really the father? Is he just playing them and wants Shander for something? Why doesn’t Shander KNOW who his father is? Was he abandoned then? Details, P.T., I need answers to these. LOL.

    • You have a bunch of other books to get through first. LOL

      Shander is five years old and has been in the orphanage since he was two. It was… not a safe place and he was pretty traumatized. He has no memory of his family or how he came to be at the orphanage — the orphanage is all he can remember ever knowing.

  9. Gem

    That certainly changes things. Great plot twist.

  10. Wow–great snippet and cliffhanger at the end!

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