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Promise You Won’t Laugh?

I obviously didn’t recover any sanity over the weekend.  In fact, I think I lost more.

Yesterday  I made a list of everything I want to do and work on (writing-wise) in the next two months.

And there’s a lot.

But at least I’m recognizing that I’m not going to get everything done that’s on my list.

On the other hand, I have to work today but am off tomorrow and Wednesday, and surely in that amount of time I can do all of the following:

finish entering changes to Book Four of The Academy of the Accord
enter the changes to Book Five of The Academy of the Accord
write a guest blog post
finish the revisions to Onyx Sun
find a cover artist for Onyx Sun
write a blurb for Onyx Sun
(Hey! You promised not to laugh!)
format Onyx Sun
release Onyx Sun
set up Wednesday Words prompts for July and August (June is already done)
set up Rainbow Snippet posts for June, July, and August
set up Snippet Sunday posts for June, July, and August
write 5000 words for JuNoWriMo (never mind I have no outline)

You all can stop laughing now.  Seriously.  It’s bad for morale.

And, hey, that’s not even the whole list — just the stuff that I think I can get done on my days off.  (And that doesn’t even take into account the usual day off stuff, like cleaning the rat cage.)

Really.  Please.  Stop laughing.

And after my days off there is:

finish a short story to submit to an anthology (it’s my first JuNoWriMo project)
edit said short story
finish Book Six of The Academy of the Accord
hit 50,000 words for JuNoWriMo
write another 50,000 words in July for Camp NaNoWriMo
get the concordance for The Academy of the Accord caught up through Book Five — or maybe Six
edit Book Seven of The Academy of the Accord

There’s more on the list, but I think I’ll let them wait until August.



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