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Sequel or Prequel?

So, the hermit got dragged out of her cave on Friday to go to brunch with a friend.

I was wearing a Camp NaNoWriMo t shirt and she asked me when the next NaNoWriMo event was. (It’s July, by the way.)

Said friend is a fan of Song and Sword and is a bit disappointed that I’m posting snippets from (and working on) other books instead of doing more with it, so I told her that the plan for July’s Camp is to write Song and Stone, the sequel to Song and Sword.

And that was the plan.  Maybe even still is the plan.  But…

I was starting to plan the outline on a break at work the other night, and I started thinking that I had already started an outline for it, so when I got home I poked around in my Word docs and I found it.  I also found the scene that I had rough drafted that was sort of the catalyst for the whole “write a sequel to a stand alone novel” thing.

But then I came across something else I had written.  It doesn’t have a name (yet) and was supposed to be a side story about Pashevel and Hierik.  A short side story.  A “short” side story that is at a little over five thousand words and which has what may very well be enough plot to work into a full novel.  (Stuff that I don’t remember having written.)

So now the question is… work on Song and Stone or the prequel?

Song and Stone at least has a title…


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