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Sunday Snippet May 22, 2016

Picking up from last week’s snippet:

(Note: first round edits of this book are still in progress.  As Charley says, “Squint.”)


Draethlen started and turned at the touch of a hand on his shoulder, positioning himself between Senzu and this new potential threat. 

“Thank you, son,” Marsden said, and Draethlen looked up into a pair of warm brown eyes.   “Stand down, now,” he added with a soft chuckle.  “I’m not going to hurt Senzu.”

Draethlen swallowed, suddenly shaking:  he had forgotten about Marsden.

“Draethlen,” Senzu said, touching his shoulder, “it’s all right.  This is Marsden. He’s the Commander of the Garrison at the Academy of the Accord.  Marsden, this is Draethlen, he… he protected me.”  She looked from him to Marsden.  “He’s a Warder,” she said, her eyes wide with the realization. 

“I know he is, Senzu,” he assured her.  “I could tell from the way he responded.” 

Senzu shifted closer to Draethlen, craving the sense of security and protection she had felt from him, a sense different than anything she had ever felt from Marsden or Kordelm or even Wellhym or Yhonshel.  “My Warder,” she added, touching his arm lightly, her voice soft with wonder as she looked at him, the realization sinking in.  She looked up at Marsden, a silent plea in her eyes, and he smiled at her, reaching out to stroke her hair.




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