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Ugh.  Just, ugh.

Yesterday morning (well, afternoon, but I consider it “morning” until I go to work, so…)

Anyhow, as I was saying, yesterday I discovered that one of my books has been pirated and uploaded to a “free content” site — not just by one person, but by two different people.

I’m somewhere between annoyed at the time I wasted sending an email to the site (no response yet, but considering that it was Sunday I wasn’t really expecting one) and being royally pissed off that someone did that to begin with, not only robbing me of potential sales but also robbing me of the time spent trying to get it sorted out.  (Hopefully I won’t have to spend any more time on this than I already have, but I’m also not holding my breath.)

So, I’m annoyed and pissed off, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to quit writing.  Something like that isn’t going to discourage me.  Maybe if writing was my sole source of income, it would be different, but it isn’t, so… Onward! (Onword?)

In happier news, the first round paper edit of Book 5 of The Academy of the Accord is finally done.  Or as done as I can get it until I make the changes in the Word doc and print it again for another go-round. (It’s going to need at least one more session with me before it’s ready for a beta reader.)

So, since I’m still working on Book 6, and since Book 7 hasn’t been printed yet, I started doing the paper edit of Book 8.  I’d really like to do the edits in order, though, so I came up with a solution that still keeps me working on the series, and fulfills one of my goals for the month: I’m going to work on my concordance.  I’m going to take the spiral bound notebooks for books 1 through 4 (or maybe 5) and start trying to organize the questions and notes into the three ring binder that is my concordance (or story bible).

Meanwhile, Onyx Sun still languishes, neglected.  In my own defense, though, I was planning to do some preliminary work on the revision yesterday morning, but I got waylaid by pirates.



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