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Sunday Snippet May 8, 2016

Picking up from last week’s snippet:

(Note: first round edits of this book are still in progress.  As Charley says, “Squint.”)

“Leave her alone!”

Even through the pounding of her fear Senzu heard the voice and then another boy was pushing his way through the gang, fighting his way through them to put himself between her and them and hope flared as a feeling of safety and protection enveloped her.

“You gonna make us, pipsqueak?”

“If I have to.”

They laughed and started forward again, then stopped as Draethlen drew his sword.  He was breathing hard, but the fear wasn’t for himself: it was for the girl he was protecting, for what would happen to her if he failed.  “I said leave her alone.”  

“You heard the boy.”

They scattered at the sound of Marsden’s voice and Draethlen sheathed his sword, trembling, certain that he would be in trouble for drawing it, afraid that he would be sent away, sent back to the orphanage.

But even stronger than his fear was the presence of the girl behind him and he turned to face her, his dark brown eyes filled with concern.  “Are you all right?” he asked, his voice tinged with anxiety.  



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