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Sunday Snippet May 1, 2016


Posting from Book 5 of The Academy of the Accord.  Marsden rescued Draethlen from an orphanage and is bringing him home to the school, but they stop in town first.  Draethlen is resting on a bench in the town square while Marsden runs a couple errands.

(Note: first round edits of this book are still in progress.  As Charley says, “Squint.”)


“Freak!” a voice called

There was a cry of pain and fear and Draethlen opened his eyes to see that a gang of boys had cornered someone in white robes and Draethlen was on his feet and moving toward them.

“Stop it!”  He was too far away and their victim cried out in pain and fear as another rock struck home.

“What is it, anyhow?” one asked

“Some sort of freak, that’s what.”

“I think it’s afraid of us,” another said, then stared.  “Hey! It’s a girl!  Let’s have some fun!”

And then they were swarming her, and she cried out in terror as hands — too many hands — clutched and grabbed at her. 


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