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5 Days, 15,828 Words

Left to go.

As of this moment I’m 7494 words below par.  At least I’m off for the next two days, and as I’m writing this I have two hours before I have to go to work.  I might see if I can at least get 500 words in before I leave but I doubt it will happen because I also have to finish this blog post, finish the Rainbow Snippets blog hop (I think I have 17 more to go) and format my flash fiction piece (“Paper Arrows”) for the contest and…


And I want pizza.

I might have to order one for work today. Anything to help get through the shift.

Oh.  And chocolate.  I’m definitely going to need chocolate.

It’s my Friday, and I am burned out this week.  I just have no energy left and nothing left to give but I’m pushing through, and, as a writer, making mental notes of how it feels for potential future use in a novel.

(“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.” – Eugene Ionesco)

So, since not much (if any) writing is going to be done today, I’d better focus tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s plans:

Get up early and vote (Pennsylvania Primaries are tomorrow) – unless, of course, I do manage to stay up all night in which case it will be “get dressed and go vote.”

Come home, change clothes, clean the rat cage.

Catch up on social media.


Wash the cage shelves, clean the bathtub, do laundry.


(I should probably put “eat” in there somewhere…)

If I don’t get any writing done today I’ll be 9161 words below par when midnight hits.

Two 5K days would fix that but not give me much of a comfort zone, which means I’d need to do almost 2k a day for the rest of the month.

I love NaNoWriMo, but I’m going to be very glad when this month is over…



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