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Sunday Snippet April 24, 2016


Picking up from last week’s post.  Senzu brought Wellhym a knife and they were discussing its uses.


Wellhym laid his sword on the ground next to the knife.  “Look at it,” he said softly, “and tell me what you see.”

She slowly lowered her gaze from his blue eyes to the two objects on the ground, studying them intently for a long moment, then looked up at him. “It’s just a big knife,” she said, staring at the sword again.

“Are you afraid of knives?”

“No. They’re just tools. You use them to cut things.”  She looked up at him. “So a sword is just a tool?”

He nodded.  “Just a tool.   And like anything else, it can be used to help or to hurt. And the best way to not get hurt with something is to practice with it.  And that is all that Kordelm and I were doing.”

She stared at the two blades for a moment longer.  “It’s awfully big,” she said finally.  “Maybe you two should practice some more.”

“You heard the lady,” Marsden said, laughing. Reaching forward he pulled her onto his lap, holding her as Wellhym picked up his sword and backed up, saluting her with it. 

“Kord? I haven’t tired you out yet, have I?”

Kordelm snorted.  “I can outlast you any day.”


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