Today we are halfway through Camp NaNoWriMo, which means I should have 25000 words written by the time midnight rolls around.  I am currently 3997 words below that number, and have to work, so, um, yeah – ain’t gonna happen.

I might be able to get 2000 words written, which will at least keep me from falling a whole lot further behind.  And I’m going to try to let the weekend blog hops wait until Tuesday so I can stay semi-close to the deficit I have now.

So I’m not panicking about the 50k – yet.

I’ve had a few unexpected things pop up as I was writing but they are going to be useful later on.

And I fixed part of a timeline issue. (Unfortunately, this has the main event happening a year earlier than planned, which isn’t really a problem and makes a lot more sense than the original version.)

And I found solutions for a few other logic flaws and plot problems. Unfortunately, those solutions are going to require a bit of rewriting of the prologue.  (But then, the prologue is far too long and seriously needs a rewrite so it’s all good.)

So, all in all, I’m happy with the way things are going.

And even better, the writing is picking up as I’m getting into the heart of the story and nearing the major event and the climax.

I’m not entirely sure that finishing this book will take the entire 50k but that’s okay – I have lots of other stuff waiting for some more words to be added.

And I still have a 300 word flash fiction piece to write. Unfortunately, every time I start exploring an idea for it, it grows from Flash Fiction to New Novel.

Oh, and the poems (for NaPoWriMo) are already getting worse.


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  1. I have the same flash fiction problem! I have a hard time writing something so short. Every time I do and share it with my critique forum, I’m told it should be expanded that there is so much there. How do writers do it? Good ouch with camp! I just cheated and lowered my word count goal – it took of a ton of pressure.

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