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Well, That Certainly Isn’t Going As Planned

It’s only the 11th and my outline is toast.

So far:

One character has information he’s not supposed to have yet. (In fact, no one was supposed to know until after the kidnapping.)

Another character who should have been killed off is now alive and in protective custody.

Someone who should have gone home got permission to stay at the school for winter break.

Same someone…  No, too much potential spoiler in that.

And all of the above is messing with what was passing for a timeline.

Then there’s another pair of characters that is potentially hijacking some scenes. I did manage to twist that back to the main pair, though. (Score one for the writer!)

Oh! And did I mention that I’m 4600 words below par?

And that by tomorrow (when I’m off) it will be closer to 6000 words below par?  With errands to run, a rat cage to clean, a blog hop to finish, and a Thirty One order to put in.

And round two of the cold from hell to deal with. (Which is, fortunately, starting to break up with me.)

And I have to go to work early tomorrow for a mandatory in-service.  (So help me, if I go in early for that and find out that it’s been cancelled (won’t be the first time) I will be naming a whole lot of villains after my bosses.)

All I know is I’d better lay in a massive supply of Mt. Dew.

Oh, and I also know that even though I don’t know what these changes are going to do to the overall novel, it’s going to be a fun ride.

I just hope I reach the end of it by the end of the month.


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