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Sunday Snippet April 10, 2016


Picking up a few lines ahead from last week’s snippet.  Marsden has called a halt to the spar.


“What’s wrong, Marsden?” Kordelm asked.

“Nothing,” Marsden assured him.  “Wyverians don’t own swords, except in rare cases, so they’re not familiar with them.  Senzu thinks you two were trying to kill each other.”

Wellhym knelt so that he was on a level with the child.  “Kordelm is my best friend,” he told her.  “I would never hurt him.”

“But swords kill people.”

“They can be used for that, yes,” Kordelm said, dropping a hand onto his partner’s shoulder. “But they can also be used to keep people safe.  And in order to use them well, you have to practice.  That’s all we were doing was practicing.”

Senzu looked up at him doubtfully.

“Senzu,” Wellhym said.  “Do me a favor.  Go into the kitchen and bring me a knife.”  She stared at him for a moment.  “Go on.  I want to show you something.”


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