Rainbow Snippet for 4-9-2016

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Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, bloggers, and readers to gather once a week and share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).   Check out all the other awesome snippets by clicking on the picture above.


Skipping ahead a bit from last week.  Tirza and Maresh are talking about Tirza’s future plans (which involve Kel) and Tirza asks Maresh if she can ask her a question.


“I-it’s about Kel. When we came here, he… he was certain that I would learn something about him that would make me hate him.  He won’t tell me what it is and I cannot think of anything that would make me not love him.”  She looked up at Maresh, her eyes pleading.  “Do you know what it is, Maresh?”

“I do,” Maresh replied softly.

“What is it?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes,” Tirza whispered. 


“Because if I don’t know what it is, I can’t prove that it doesn’t.”


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15 responses to “Rainbow Snippet for 4-9-2016

  1. That’s the attitude to have. Like this a lot.

  2. AM

    Oh, yes! I’m just hoping it’s Kel who has the courage to tell Tirza. I have a feeling it might not be something best shared by Maresh.

  3. Jana Denardo

    And the intrigue thickens.

  4. Girl’s got a point! :)

  5. I like that we’re seeing him from her point of view…

  6. Here’s to making complicated lines make perfect sense.

  7. I love the last line. It’s a sweet sentiment. I hope it’s a correct one

  8. Can’t fault her logic! Best to just answer the question.

  9. I hope Kel can manage to tell before someone else does. I’m rooting for them!

  10. Alexa Milne

    Good point made in the last line. I want to know what it is too.

  11. louiselyons013

    Good point, Tirza! I hope she (and us) finds out what it is soon.

  12. Interesting. I love how committed she is.

  13. Love the last line! An excellent point.

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