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Crazy Month!

It’s only the fourth and I’m already feeling the insanity.

First, there’s Camp NaNoWriMo, and I’m already behind in word count. (Not very far behind, and I’m off the next two days so I’ll get caught up and build up a cushion, but still, I’m behind already, which is slightly worrisome.)

Then there’s NaPoWriMo.  The struggle is real, folks. Coming up with topics on demand is somewhat akin to torture.

Add in two weekly blog hops which pretty much guarantee next to no novel writing on weekends.

Plus writing two blog posts a week.  (The Wednesday Words posts and the two Snippets posts are scheduled in advance or else I wouldn’t have any sanity left at all.)

(Er, no comments on that last one, thanks!)

And working full time sure cuts into writing time.

Except it sort of doesn’t.  Sometimes I find that I’m more productive on work days than on days off.   There’s nothing that inspires creativity like having to leave for work.

Still, being home would at least give me the illusion of having time.  Unfortunately, I can’t pay bills with illusionary money.

So, on top of those things, what’s eating at my sanity?

Well, I entered Song and Sword (my first published novel) into a contest, which was a big scary thing to do.  I’ve never had children, but I imagine this is how a parent must feel sending their child off to school and worrying about him or her being bullied.

And then there’s a flash fiction contest that I’m thinking about entering. (Deadline is May 1st.)  It has a 300 word limit, which sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem, but I know from experience with Siobhan’s Thursday Threads entries that it takes me forever to cut enough words to get down to the limit.   And I’m still crazy enough to give serious consideration to the idea of entering.

As soon as I get caught up on word count, write a poem, and finish the blog hops…

Sleep is for wimps.





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