Sunday Snippet April 3, 2016


Book One of The Academy of the Accord is back from my beta reader and comments and notes have been saved for the next go round of edits. Book Two is out and about, and since this is the fourth month of the year I’m going to post snippets from Book Four.

This book focuses on Senzu, a young Wyverian who becomes an apprentice wizard.

(Wyverians are roughly human in appearance, but they have scales instead of skin, wings, lizard-like tails, taloned toes, and retractable claws on their fingers.  They were created during the Wizard Wars in an attempt to create a race of warriors but they had turned out not to be as aggressive as their creators had hoped; turned loose to fend for themselves, they had gradually developed their own culture and language.)

Koppaerna, a Wyverian shaman, sent a message to Vinadi to come and test a child in her village.  They have met her and have spent the night at Koppaerna’s cabin.


Marsden was awakened by an urgent tugging on his arm.  Opening his eyes he saw Senzu, her eyes filled with fear. 

“Hurry. You have to make them stop.  They’re going to kill each other.”

“What?  Who is killing each other?”  He sat up and reached for his boots but she was pulling on his hand. 

“Wellhym and Kordelm,” she replied. “Come on.”

“Wel and Kord are best friends.  They aren’t going to hurt each other.” 

“They are,” she insisted. 

Grabbing his boots he allowed himself to be dragged from his bedroom, down the stairs, and out into the early morning air.  Senzu led him to the side of the house, where Wellhym and Kordelm were sparring.

“See?  Make them stop. Please.”

“They’re not going to kill each other,” he assured her. 

“But they have swords. And swords are used to kill people.”

There was, he reflected, no way to refute that logic.



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13 responses to “Sunday Snippet April 3, 2016

  1. Hopefully they’re just practicing with real weapons…fun snippet.

  2. siobhanmuir

    I love the last line and the truth in her observation. Great snippet, PT, and good luck with NaNo.

  3. Interesting world building. I like the details of how the child arrived at her conclusion what was going on. Great snippet!

  4. A logical conclusion, but I hope they’re just training. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Karen Michelle Nutt

    I hope they are just sparring and not actually trying to kill each other. I can see how it would be difficult to know the difference. Enjoyed the scene.

  6. Her assumption that sparring = killing reflects a bit of naivety on her part, perhaps. Or maybe she know they are, indeed, intent on blood.

  7. elainecsc2013

    I’d be a little skeptical of sword fighting myself!

  8. That’s too funny. Senzu seems to be a bit out of it.

  9. I remember this girl! *Claps hand over mouth* I won’t spoil, I swear. I love Senzu, and I love the last line.

  10. What a great last line ….

  11. Love the idea of the Wyverians as a race created for combat that turned out gentler than intended. Loved the last line of the snippet. Yes, hopefully they’re just practising!

  12. chellecordero

    He’s probably right and they won’t harm each other but I am sure the swords do look ominous to the young girl. I wonder if the Wyverians’ skin is impervious to the swords?

  13. Great last line! So true… lol.

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