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Sunday Snippet March 27, 2016

Books One and two of The Academy of the Accord are safely in the hands of  brave beta readers, so I’m going to post from Book Three this month.

Yhonshel was already a Caped warrior and now he has his Master’s robes.


“And do you swear to follow, uphold and defend the Accord?” Marsden asked as the black robes settled around the Tuanae.

“With my life,” Yhonshel replied.

Marsden smiled at the calm certainty in the young man’s voice and opened a box that was on the table and drew out a sword.  “Welcome home, son,” he said, his voice choked with emotion as he handed it to him. 

Yhonshel met his gaze. “Thank you, sir,” he said, his voice tight with emotion as he took the blade from him.  Set into the top of the hilt was one of the pins that Vinadi had had made for the school when they were still at the Fortress, and he ran his thumb over it gently, deeply touched by the significance of it, then fastened the belt around his waist, settling the sword at his hip, using the familiar motions to regain his center.  He drew the blade and saluted Marsden with it, then bowed as he returned it to its scabbard.

“Master Yhonshel.” 

He turned at the sound of Torlew’s voice. 

“You know that this isn’t going to make us respect you any more than we have in the past.”

Yhonshel laughed and embraced the Journeyman as the others mobbed him.  One thought kept running through his mind.  Home.  He had come home.




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