What A Mess!

I’m finally starting to feel alive enough to start working on editing again, so last night I tackled some more of the first round paper edits of Book Five of The Academy of the Accord and…

What a mess!

I mean, I knew the end of it was a mess because that’s where I’m untangling the starts of Books Six and Seven, but I’m not nearly that far in yet and…

What a mess!

I know why it’s a mess, but that doesn’t help with fixing it.

It’s all Shander’s fault…

Shander is a character that is introduced in this book (although he’s more of a central character in Book Six) but I’m having some trouble deciding exactly how to introduce him.

The original way was kind of a plot hole, so I came up with about three alternative methods.

They aren’t much better, and using any of them will negate a scene that I totally love so…

(One of the alternative methods may get worked into Book Six next month, so they aren’t going to be wasted.)

So, I’m going back to the original method.

But I had cut all of that out of the last “final version” of this book.

All is not lost, however, because I keep all of my previous versions of everything, just in case. (No, you really do not want to know what the files on my computer look like.  Trust me on this.  Your sanity will have a better chance of surviving an encounter with Cthulhu.)

So, all I have to do is find the right file, right?

Well, yes, and no.

When I got this book ready to print I included at the end of it a bunch of stuff that had been cut, and a bunch of miscellaneous scenes that may or may not need to go into it, and the alternate versions of Shander’s rescue, and…


So, there I was, chugging along with edits and making pretty good progress and then I hit the spot where Shander used to be and he wasn’t there anymore.  Since I was no where near my computer at the time I started looking at the back of the print out, trying to find the missing scene.

I found it, and the alternative versions, and scenes that probably go in Book Seven and my already be there… (But they’re fairly early in Book Seven and I don’t know yet how far entwined these two books are going to be so they might need to be in this one too and…*sigh*)

What a mess!




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2 responses to “What A Mess!

  1. Good luck? Lol. *Hands you chocolate for encouragement*

  2. Skye Hegyes

    Good luck!

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