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Sunday Snippet March 20, 2016

Books One and two of The Academy of the Accord are safely in the hands of  brave beta readers, so I’m going to post from Book Three this month.

Now that Caristen and Torlew have their Journeyman’s robes (and it’s been established that Torlew is, in fact, not naked underneath his) it’s time for you to meet Yhonshel.

Yhonshel is a Tuanae – both wizard and Warder.  He has just returned from his Journey – he was gone for five years, learning how to balance the two halves of himself.


“There is one more thing we need to do,” Vinadi said quietly and they turned to him.  “Yhonshel.” 

He motioned for him to approach and the Tuanae stepped forward.

“Your sword,” Marsden said, holding out his hands. 

The younger four exchanged worried glances, but Yhonshel removed his sword belt and handed his weapon to Marsden with a soft smile and they relaxed, then felt their breath catch as Vinadi opened a drawer in the table and pulled out a black robe. 

“Yhonshel,” he said softly, “I have waited a long time to be able to give you this.”  He gazed into the Tuanae’s grey green eyes for a long moment. “Do you accept the rank of Master, and all the responsibility that goes with it?”

“I do.”

“Remove your robe, Journeyman.”

Yhonshel let his grey robes fall to the floor and as he accepted the black ones from Vinadi their hands met and they both smiled as Yhonshel gave his mentor’s hands a gentle squeeze.


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