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Sunday Snippet March 13, 2016

Book One of The Academy of the Accord is safely in the hands of a brave beta reader, and Book Two is waiting in the wings for her, so I’m going to post from Book Three this month.

Picking up from last week: Caristen got his Journeyman’s robe, and now it’s Torlew’s turn.  Keep in mind, this is supposed to be a somber moment…



The blond stepped forward, his green eye sparkling, and as Vinadi reached for his robe Torlew leaned forward. “I’m not wearing anything underneath,” he whispered.

Vinadi jerked back and shook his head at the laughter in the young man’s eyes.  “You are no longer an apprentice,” he said, struggling not to laugh as he pulled the white robe away and let it fall to the floor.  He handed him the grey robe.  “You have proven yourself more than worthy of this,” he said quietly.

Torlew grew serious as he drew the robes over his head and let them settle around his slender body.  Vinadi tied the belt around him and Torlew embraced him.  “I love you, Vinadi.  We both do.  Thank you, for everything you have done for us and for everything you have put up with from us through the years.”

“I wouldn’t trade a minute of it,” Vinadi smiled, returning the embrace.  He stepped back to Marsden’s side as the other stepped up to congratulate the new Journeymen.






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