Rainbow Snippet for 3-12-2016

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Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, bloggers, and readers to gather once a week and share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).   Check out all the other awesome snippets by clicking on the picture above.

More from Disturbed Magic, an unfinished novel that I’m beginning to think I should finish and edit and turn loose on the world.  Picking up a little after last week – Kel is spending the night in Tirza’s room at the inn.




“Why do you hide what you are?”

For the second time that evening a surge of panic threatened to engulf the warrior.  “What do you mean?”  

“About being a Sword Dancer.”

“I told you,” Kel replied.  “I’m not a Sword Dancer.  They don’t exist anymore. And if they did and if I was, I would prefer to remain alive, not be put into a pit to fight until I died.”


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16 responses to “Rainbow Snippet for 3-12-2016

  1. Ouch! Yeah, I think that would motivate me. :)

  2. Can’t say that I blame Kel for taking that position!

  3. Very good reason to keep quiet. But how does Tirza know what Kel is?

  4. For sure you should get cracking. I want to read all of this story

  5. Louise Lyons

    Well, that’s a good reason for keeping it quiet! Great snippet.

  6. I’m liking this story more and more. Do please turn it loose on us.

  7. AM

    Yes, yes, yes! Please finish it. I would definitely read this. Oh, I am really beginning to like Kel. Understandable motives, there!

  8. rebeccajamesgayromance

    Yet, being put in a pit and fighting sounds so tough and sexy…

  9. Sounds intriguing. Keep up the great work. :)

  10. Yeah, I’m thinking that’s a pretty good reason to hide!

  11. So much subtext here, nicely done!

  12. Jana Denardo

    Can’t blame Kel there

  13. Love this story so far :) Please finish! :)

  14. More and more intriguing :)

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